Goodricke College Junior Common Room Booking

The Junior Common Room in Goodricke College can be booked by Goodricke College Members, college staff and JCRC members for committee/college events and activities with at least 48 hours notice.
The room can only be booked up to one week ahead.
Please complete the calendar and booking form for the college to consider your request.
You can book the Junior Common Room following this link:

These terms and conditions apply to the person booking (‘you’):

  • Wednesday evenings can only be booked by Goodricke Sports teams only
  • the person booking the event is responsible for the following:
  • a separate Event Management Form (EMF) should be completed and approved in advance:
  • the health and safety of all persons attending and helping during the event
  • Leaving the room clean, tidy and returning the furniture to its original position following the event. If you do not do so, you will be liable for any cleaning and damage charges (these can be considerable).
  • Removing all rubbish, placing all recyclables in appropriate bins
  • The maximum capacity of The Junior Common Room shall not be exceeded (70)
    Your booking will be cancelled if you are unable to comply with these conditions.
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